Lovewell Foundation provides women with practical support, such as food, clothes and furniture donations, transport and accompaniment to certain appointments, and advocacy.

But beyond that, Lovewell journeys with women. Click on the image below to see our Journey Map:

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Our services are based on the following 3 pillars:


Process of healing and recovery towards the maintenance stage through the program First Steps to Healing, consisting of:

• Intake and assessment
• Case management
• External referrals

Once women achieve a more stable situation and physiological and safety needs are in place, they move to the next stage: rebuild.


An assessment for readiness and eligibility is undertaken for Better Futures Program.

Through a series of workshops, women are assisted to identify and develop their goals and plans for the future by working on their:

• self-knowledge
• self-esteem
• self-care
• knowledge about everyday life issues (budget, tenancy, among others)

This is a 6 weeks (3 days per week) program. At the end of the first phase of Better Futures Program, an individual plan is developed with each woman, according to their employment /training and life goals.


At this stage, women move towards a more intense reconnection with community through education/training and employment. They are supported to get the confidence they need, but also challenged to go beyond their comfort zone.
They are encouraged to re-establish / build relationships with family, (new) friends and support, and appropriate workplace and social relationships.

During this journey and as a result of this journey, we expect to create an environment of peer support, including peer led workshops.

And little by little, enabling women to take leadership roles in the fields that they want.

Lovewell Cafes


Our social enterprise, Lovewell Cafe, is the current nucleus of employment of women supported by our foundation. Through the cafe, we’re able to provide training and employment opportunities to women, which in turn enables the improvement of their health, wellbeing and participation in the community.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently been awarded the operation of a second site – a large cafe and commercial catering kitchen at Corinda, increasing the scope of our offering and allowing us to support more women.

At the Lovewell our values are enacted through our commitment to acceptance, integrity, authenticity, empowerment and evolving.