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What we stand for

Lovewell Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation located at the foot of Mount Gravatt, in Brisbane.

Adopting a holistic approach, we champion and provide support to women from all walks of life that are in a vulnerable situation or dealing with its effects. This might include domestic and family violence, sexual assault, depression, substance abuse, social stigma and isolation.

We journey with women to address these issues in an integrated way, assisting them to access safety, quality health, sustainable meaningful employment and ongoing support.

Do you need support or know a woman who does?

Lovewell Foundation provides women in vulnerable situation with holistic programs (see Lovewell Journey section below), advocacy and practical support – such as food, clothes and furniture donations.

You can approach us directly or be referred by another organisation. Contact us:

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OBS: If you feel more comfortable, you can also contact Lovewell Foundation and book an appointment in one of our Lovewell cafes (see Lovewell Cafes section below).

We don’t provide emergency and housing support. In this cases, please access:

Police on 000
DV Connect on 1800 811 811
Emergency and crisis numbers
Housing numbers

For organisations who want our referral form, please download, fill and email it to hello@lovewellfoundation.org.au

Download referral form

Lovewell journey

We believe in women’s strength and we work collaborativelly with them.
Our programs are grounded on 3 pillars:


Process of healing and recovery through the program First Steps to Healing, consisting of intake and assessment, case management and external referrals, in order to put women’s physiological and safety needs in place.


Through our Better Futures Program, women are assisted to identify and develop their goals and plans for the future by working on their self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-care, and knowledge about everyday life issues (budget, tenancy, among others).


At this stage, women move towards a more intense reconnection with community through education/training and employment. They are supported to get the confidence they need, but also challenged to go beyond their comfort zone.

Lovewell Cafes

We also count on our social enterprises to employ women who are rebuilding their lives, providing a safe place for them to grow into their purpose, rebuild their confidence and take their place in the community.

Visit the Lovewell Cafe website

Do you want to get involved and make a difference in the lives of the women we support?

We rely heavily on individuals, businesses and corporates to run the programs and support services we offer. To support what we do, you can:

• Volunteer
• Mentor
• Donate funds
• Donate goods and services
• Become a sponsor
• Become a corporate partner

Make an online donation

or via bank transfer
BSB: 114 879 | ACC #: 482348341


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Our ambassadors, partners and supporters

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